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Welcome to Hogar Integral Foundation

30 years providing children what to eat

In 1984 we started developing nutrition. aducation and training activities to promote and empower the community, through developing communitarian projects supported by national and international solidarity. Today, after almost 30 years, we provide nutrition to 900 children. Our area of influence suffers from sever malnutrition...
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We are reknown for our transparency

All funding is invested in a responsible and transparent way, when helping Hogar Integral Foundation you can be sure your support really makes a difference.

Thanks to everybody's help we provided food to:

900 children
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Did you know…

nomadista_logo NOMADISTA is an innovative project, that due to its social awareness has chosen to support our foundation. Learn more about this initiative here.
What the community has to say...

Join our cause and become part of our blog to learn about the situation and how you can participate and become part of the solution. Your help makes the difference.

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Our work is a reality thanks to our allies
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Tels: (+571)7105855 • (+571)5648904

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