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With everybody's help we are sure to accomplish 2.013 goals

Disregarding what type of help, each one of the entities and individuals who help Hogar Integral Foundation is an important part of the change that hundreds of kids live each day. If you are already a collaborator, invite friends and family to learn about us. Together we are sure to be able to accomplush our goals for this year.
In addition to our first infancy programs in which we provide with all three types of nutrition over 900 boys and girls in six different Infant Development Centers in Ciudad Bolivar and Altos de Cazuca, we have the following goals for 2.012:
  • Financing projects
  • Donations for projects
  • Grow the Godparent Program
  • Campaigns
  • Corporate Volunteering
If you want to learn more about these goals click here.
Give donations thorugh our Godfather program, join today!
help children

You can help children in need by becoming a Godparent. With your support you can help a boy or girl receive 3 daily meals and education every month.

You will be offering them the tools so that they have a new opportunity in their life and so a brighter future.

A small effort, can generate a big change and help children in need.

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Give donations to help deserving children by taking part in our Godfather program

Children, no matter what part of the world it is that they live in, deserve the best lives – they deserve love. But not every single child out there actually gets to enjoy a good life, some barely even get a single nutritious meal a day. For children such as these, you can actually become their saviour by taking part in the Godfather program offered by Hogar Integral Foundation and give donations to help them!

Give donations and become a Godparent and make it possible for these deserving children live a fulfilling life. The support that you offer for our Godfather program, once you give donations, is going to make it possible for a boy or a girl to start receiving not just three nutritious meals a day, but they would also be able to acquire education that would help them become more successful human beings once they grow up! When you give donations, they would actually get their hands on every single tool that they need in order to grab fresh opportunities in life – for them, a brighter future would be guaranteed! It’s a very small effort that you would be putting in, once you give donations, but rest-assured that it will bring about a substantial change in a much-deserving child’s life!

give donations

Hogar Integral Foundation – When you give donations we can give children a better life

At Hogar Integral Foundation, we offer a number of Godfather programs for you to choose from. The programs that are available of span over 3, 6 and 12 months. So, if you choose the 12 month program to give donations, a child will receive for 12 straight months – a whole year of acquiring education and having a full stomach is literally heavenly for these children!

give donations give donations give donations

When you join the Godfather program and give donations to Hogar Integral Foundation, we will be providing daily meals to a deserving child. The meals that the child will receive are inclusive of breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack too!  So, help us change their lives by taking part in our Godfather program!

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